Monthly Archives: October 2014

  • P2P payments: a rapid evolution

    Kenya led in P2P payments and the world has followed.

    It was in East Africa where the potential for a quick,…

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  • Tackling fraud – EMV to the rescue

    “The most expensive change in the card world – the costs are high and it’s time consuming.” These are…

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  • EMV v Apple Pay and the October 2015 mandate

    Staying one step ahead of the hackers – that’s the noble aim of the 2015 EMV mandate for US…

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  • Geo-political issues and Apple Pay

    Back in March, at the height of the Crimean crisis, Visa and MasterCard blacklisted certain Russian banks and prominent…

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  • Webinar: EMV Migration – the clock is ticking!

    Like it or not the countdown has begun for the U.S. payments industry to adopt EMV. In…

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  • Apple Pay: who takes on the fraud risk?

    Are the major players in the payment card processing system about to bin a trustworthy system? Unlikely.

    Apple Pay has…

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