About Aviso

Aviso is a payments software company with 25 years experience in the industry. A joint venture between FEXCO and Annadale Technologies, Aviso combines expertise in large-scale payments projects worldwide and the design and development of high-volume, high availability payment systems. In uniting our deep knowledge and experience of the transactions and payments industry with our technical innovation, we help our customers to enhance their electronic payment software and infrastructure while preserving their technology investment.

The market need for Aviso

At Aviso we recognise the need for modern, flexible payment switching technology that will enable companies to make electronic payment software changes quicker and at a reduced cost.

Summarised below are the reasons Aviso decided to design and develop Novate:


    The need for flexibility

    There is a clear need for modern solutions in the payments switching space.

    Companies are often constrained by existing electronic payment software and legacy switching systems that are not flexible enough to cope with changes in the industry. They need viable alternatives that empower rather than constrain them if they are to grow their businesses profitably.

    The need to protect and prolong technology investments

    As margins are squeezed, organisations need to protect their existing technology investments while coping with this demand for new services.

    What is needed is an application that - through interfacing with existing payment systems - enables organisations to achieve far greater flexibility within their existing payments infrastructure.

    The need for innovation

    The result is Novate, an innovative switching platform that makes the most of new technologies and architectures.

    Novate is an extremely flexible and powerful payment software providing a messaging application that can be implemented in a modular fashion, integrating with existing technology as required, and ensuring the implementation footprint is only as big as it needs to be.