Aviso attend Retail Business Technology Expo, London

Aviso will be attending the Retail Business Technology Expo in March 12th-13th 2013. Attendance at this event is part of our focus on tailoring our payment solution towards the needs of retailers interested in modernising their payments infrastructure.

The Retail Business Technology Expo (RBTE) is aimed at retailers, e-tailers or hospitality and leisure operators who are looking to improve various aspects of their business. A growing focus of this expo is the area of cards and payments, which is of interest to many departments within the retail industry, including finance, operations, marketing, eCommerce, fraud and risk, store systems and IT.

The show will be looking at the changing needs of many vendors specialising in payments that are increasingly offering solutions beyond pure payments, such as analytics and loyalty.

Novate from Aviso – a solution for retailers

Retailing is an extremely dynamic and innovative space. In the area of retail payments alone, every week a new payment method or platform is announced. Retailers are, however, too often prevented from implementing these new technologies because they are unable to make changes to their underlying payment switch in a reasonable time frame, and within a suitable budget.

Novate from Aviso is designed to add flexibility to the payments infrastructure in a safe and cost-effective manner – significantly improving the business case for new initiatives and helping to achieve a swift ROI for new features that would otherwise have not been profitable.

If you’re interested in meeting with us to learn how Novate could help your business, contact our Marketing Manager Caitriona O’Mahony at, and she will arrange a time and place to meet.