We design and implement new ways of managing the flow of payment messages.

Our systems have to be available 24×7 and able to process massive transaction volumes. Failure in these kind of systems would be front-page news.

Because we are building mission-critical systems, we have to make sure they are designed and built correctly from day one.

We are passionate about building the best switching application on the market, that will become the platform of choice for the world’s largest companies handling payments. In order to do this, we are building a close knit team of developers who are enthused by learning new ways to do more creative, complex things with a range of technologies.

Thinking before doing

We take a pragmatic approach to developing well thought out software. We emphasize clarity and consistency in our code. We put emphasis on taking the care and time to get the design right before writing code, in the knowledge that a corner cut today means lengthy testing and endless work-arounds in the future.

We don’t get too distracted by things like development process, and we try to keep an open mind about using the programming language that’s right for the job at hand – even if it means sitting down to learn it.

A functional approach to messaging

We are advocates of using functional programming – in our case Clojure – for building large scale transaction processing applications where reliability and performance are essential.

Everything we write is designed for simplicity and maintainability, and we take security and application-reliability very, very seriously.

The culture at Aviso

The atmosphere is informal and thoughtful, and highly focused on writing good quality code.

We have taken care to foster an open, learning culture, which helps us build and maintain our expertise in-house, and we help disseminate knowledge across the organisation through pair-programming and mentoring. Aviso’s management is technical, informal and approachable, and employee input is openly encouraged.

Our organisation is structured around building and preserving self-organising teams. We value our employees’ opinions and work hard at keeping communication lines open both from the top down, and bottom up.

The work is challenging, and because we work in small tight teams and each line of code means so much to the application, you get to see the impact of your work immediately.

When you join Aviso you are joining a close knit team of developers who are enthused by learning new ways to do more creative, complex things with a range of technologies. We recognise and reward success, and even better, we believe that you don’t need to move out of development to progress your career.