We offer a dynamic and progressive work environment for developers who are enthused about deepening their knowledge and skills, in particular those with an interest in the practical application of functional languages - particularly Clojure.

Aviso is a modern technology company that provides an ideal working environment for people who:

  1. like to work on areas of development such as distributed systems, scaling services in the cloud, building responsive user interfaces, rich data visualisations, distributed data processing, and creating domain specific languages
  2. enjoy using and experimenting with up-to-date technologies such as Clojure, D3.js, Backbone.js, Netty, and CoffeeScript
  3. enjoy working in small focused teams of highly motivated and talented engineers, in a professional stable development environment which is conducive to producing really great code
  4. are not content with maintaining someone else’s code, and are keen to put their own stamp on a project