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Minimize payment processing cost while maximizing customer experience

How we shop has changed.

Today, customers expect to be able to shop whenever they want. They are online, in-store, and surfing the net in stores seeking bargains there, or elsewhere. Merchants cannot afford ‘down time’.

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We shop in a different way to how we did a decade ago, and we also pay differently. Payment is still required, of course, but the methods are changing. However, no matter the method used the payment still needs to be processed quickly, securely, and cost-effectively.

The modern merchant must have the ability to accept any type of payment, at any time, and from anywhere in the world.

The will is there. What merchant doesn’t want to have the ability to accept multiple payments? However, the common obstacle is the fact that certain merchants find themselves locked into an archaic payment processing system.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

Empowering merchants

At Aviso we recognise that the payments world is evolving at a rapid rate, leaving merchants in the position of having to place bets on which technologies will succeed and which will become irrelevant.

Aviso’s retailer payment platform can empower merchants to deploy a flexible and adaptable payments infrastructure, which will deliver short-term benefits such as:

  • A reduction in payment processing costs (by giving merchants flexibility to dynamically route transactions on a lowest-cost basis)
  • Improved customer service (by enabling more payment types at the point of sale)
  • Incremental revenues (by enhancing the payment options at the point of sale for customer)

This infrastructure will evolve to support the merchant’s on-going requirements and to provide the business services and options. This will allow companies to offer the services that they deem fit for their business model and to support their customer’s demands, while dealing with a single vendor.

This technology allows retailers to more simply integrate with acquirers across the globe, giving our customers much more power when it comes to negotiating acquiring contracts wherever the retailer chooses to do business.


The retailer platform provides a fast, flexible, always on (no ‘down time’) payment system: one that merchants always control.

Line-busting (or queue-busting) is a constant target. Merchants don’t want delays. They want a service that enables them to provide an improved offering to their customers, real and potential.

Merchants need to avail of modern payment systems such as mPOS, NFC (contactless), and tokenization. An archaic legacy system leads to queues and only serves to hold back a merchant.

Business doesn’t need to be so complex. Leave the migration to Aviso, our retailer platform will minimize payment processing costs while maximizing your customer’s shopping experience.

Payment processing budgets

We understand that merchants’ payment processing budgets can be tight, so we provide a variety of licensing options to fit your requirements. This enables you to upgrade your existing infrastructure by selecting appropriate modules that meet your particular needs. Additionally, the retailer platform can be provided as a service to retailers, removing the PCI and compliance overhead that comes with operating your own payment system.

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