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How Novate enhances omni-channel payment processing

The recent success stories in business are those who have blended their e-commerce channels with the traditional POS channel: this has lead to the birth of omni-channel payment processing.

Consumers demand an all-encompassing shopping experience. They want to shop when and where they choose and be able to buy the product that they desire. Omni-channel payment processing delivers this shopping experience across all of a retailer’s sales channels.



The omni-channel approach integrates payment channels allowing businesses to meet the demands of the versatile consumer. Consumers expect to be able to browse online and purchase in-store – or just purchase online – and they will expect the same level of service no matter how they are transacting. Today, all payment channels need to be integrated.

The omni-channel approach also allows retailers to collect crucial data on their consumers’ shopping habits and needs. This data, when used correctly, will deliver a vastly improved service. Therefore, the key question for any business today is: how do we unify all our payment channels? Here, the ability to process multiple payment types is of crucial importance.

How Novate helps in a rapidly-changing environment

A modern business has to have the functionality to accept all types of payments. New payment methods spring up every other day, such as m-commerce wallet options and mobile vouchers: these payment types need to be accepted. Businesses can’t afford to be left behind as consumer payment methods change.

Retail payments is a rapidly-changing environment. Hot on the heels of the EMV standard came the PCI regulations and now retailers are grappling with point-to-point encryption (P2PE), self check-out, tokenisation, mPOS, NFC, contactless cards and a number of other technology initiatives.

Here at Aviso we understand that the retailers need a helping hand to scale this mountain of regulation, encryption and standards.

Aviso’s Novate product offers simple technology that is easily integrated with a customer’s existing payment processing system. In essence, it is a single cost-effective solution to all payment needs.

The operational simplicity of Novate is what makes it allow organisations to insource their processing and eliminate the cost of external payment service providers. Novate’s ability to handle very large transaction volumes cost-effectively makes low per-transaction revenues more sustainable. Built to take advantage of open technology, Novate reduces ownership costs and can be modified and maintained by customers using commonly available technical skills.

Novate: reliability, speed and security

Raja Ray, Director of Products and Solutions at Verifone, gave an excellent presentation on omni-channel payment acceptance at the 2013 Retail Business Technology Expo in London.

The three pillars of omni-channel payment acceptance – according to Mr Ray – were reliability, speed and security. Aviso’s Novate product ticks all three boxes.

Novate brings flexibility to payments switching and authorization systems, helping organisations make the most of their existing technology investment. For many companies the idea of replacing their switch is unfathomable, given the mission-critical nature of the application. Given this reality, Novate has been designed not to replace payment platforms, but enhance them by acting as a ‘wrapper’ around existing systems thus improving connectivity. This design isolates the impact of change, dramatically reducing both the cost and risk of adding new functionality to a payment switch.

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