OmniPay works with Aviso to add flexibility to its payment platform

OmniPay, a First Data company and global payments processor, has deployed Novate from Aviso to add UnionPay (CUP) and JCB payment network interfaces to its services portfolio.

In order to respond to the growing volume of payments made via Asian payment cards globally, OmniPay opted to add significant Asian payment networks on its payment platform. OmniPay decided to work with Aviso based on their previous positive experience of working with the team.

Patrick Clarke, Chief Executive Officer, OmniPay commented: “We know the team at Aviso and trusted them to build these two interfaces for us. The Novate product has provided the flexibility and agility we need without having to replace our existing switch, and at a competitive cost”.

OmniPay’s global presence requires their processing services to be highly flexible and responsive to market needs, with changes to their systems having no impact on up-time or quality of service.

Novate from Aviso has helped OmniPay to achieve its aim – implementing new products in its on-line processing environment in a highly cost-effective manner.

Clarke added “Novate has facilitated new message types whilst working alongside legacy systems, significantly reducing the cost and time to implement new products”.

Managing Director of Aviso, Denis McCarthy, is very excited about the implementation of Novate within the OmniPay environment: “We are very happy with the technology partnership we have built with OmniPay, and with the success of the implementation of the JCB and UnionPay modules”.

Aviso takes a partnership approach when working with its customers, focusing on enabling the customer to become self-sufficient should they so wish – rather than relying on the professional services fees so many vendors come to rely on. This approach is particularly important to payment processors that need to become less dependent on large vendors for technology and services.

About Aviso

Aviso is a joint venture between FEXCO and Annadale Technologies, a partnership that combines expertise in large-scale payments projects worldwide and the design and development of high-volume, high availability payment systems.

Aviso has developed Novate, a payment switching application that allows companies to add agility to their current payment platforms in a cost effective manner, protecting the investment in their payment systems.

About OmniPay

OmniPay is a global provider of innovative and functionally rich electronic payment processing services to acquiring banks. The company was established in Ireland in 2000 to enable financial institutions, and their merchant customers, to accept payment transactions, both in the face-to-face and online eCommerce environments. Today, OmniPay supports 37 acquiring banks and 5.4 million merchants in 73 countries and 149 currencies. OmniPay is wholly owned by First Data, one of the world’s largest providers of merchant processing services.