• 100 days to EMV fraud liability shift: report states majority of U.S. merchants ‘not ready’

    With less than 100 days before the EMV fraud liability shift in the US some 75% of merchants are…

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  • EMV upgrade: U.S. merchants playing catch-up

    The EMV upgrade race in the U.S.  is well underway but, worryingly, many merchants have been left in the…

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  • Tough being a merchant as payments battle continues

    NOTE: This is the final part in Aviso’s four-part series of blog posts focusing on the evolution…

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  • Challenges for acquirers as payment industry evolves

    NOTE: This is part three in Aviso’s series of blog posts focusing on the evolution of the…

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  • Battle to secure online card payments

    The fear of the unknown is a terrible affliction.

    When it comes to fraud all players in the card payments…

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  • Tackling fraud – EMV to the rescue

    “The most expensive change in the card world – the costs are high and it’s time consuming.” These are…

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