Payment Interfaces

  • PSD2 heralds era of OpenAPI Banking

    Banking? Is there an app for that? Soon, there will be – if not then your bank has been…

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  • Samsung Pay and its magnetic appeal

    Samsung Pay will launch this summer and will have the potential to be used in 30 million merchant locations worldwide….

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  • Apple Pay: six months since launch

    In less than six months Apple Pay has evolved into a potential mobile payments messiah.

    The U.S.-only service was revealed…

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  • China-ready: the importance of UnionPay card acceptance

    The UnionPay card juggernaut will be well fuelled for some time yet thanks to the relaxation of Visa restrictions;…

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  • Apple Pay fraud issues reveal new approach

    A company is only as strong as its weakest link. Apple discovered the truth to this maxim last week…

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  • Tough being a merchant as payments battle continues

    NOTE: This is the final part in Aviso’s four-part series of blog posts focusing on the evolution…

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