Payment Interfaces

  • Payments innovation: Apple Pay, disruption, and transformation

    NOTE: This is the first in a four-part series on payment industry innovation, looking at the challenges…

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  • Tackling fraud – EMV to the rescue

    “The most expensive change in the card world – the costs are high and it’s time consuming.” These are…

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  • Merchants beware the EMV fraud liability shift

    October 2015 heralds a liability shift via in relation to card-present fraud – and merchants will become the responsible…

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  • SEPA promising more than it is delivering

    “Some things just don’t work with SEPA.”

    This was the view expressed by Ruth Wandhofer, global head of regulatory and…

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  • How Novate enhances omni-channel payment processing

    The recent success stories in business are those who have blended their e-commerce channels with the traditional POS channel:…

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  • UnionPay: a bull in a China shop

    UnionPay is hot on the heels of Visa and MasterCard.

    Not yet a teenager in the credit card world China’s…

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