• Geo-political issues and Apple Pay

    Back in March, at the height of the Crimean crisis, Visa and MasterCard blacklisted certain Russian banks and prominent…

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  • Apple Pay: who takes on the fraud risk?

    Are the major players in the payment card processing system about to bin a trustworthy system? Unlikely.

    Apple Pay has…

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  • Technical issues for Apple Pay in Europe

    Apple’s ongoing negotiations with major European banks – re: Apple Pay – should be interesting. Given the tight margins…

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  • Apple Pay brings new problems for acquirers

    It’s now clear that all the pieces that Apple needed for its launch into mobile payments – via Apple…

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  • Minimize payment processing cost while maximizing customer experience

    How we shop has changed.

    Today, customers expect to be able to shop whenever they want. They are online, in-store,…

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  • Merchants beware the EMV fraud liability shift

    October 2015 heralds a liability shift via in relation to card-present fraud – and merchants will become the responsible…

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