Our Approach

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Are you tired of being treated like a cash cow?

In these days of squeezed margins, cost control and quarterly driven companies, it has become the norm to treat customers like cash cows. Here’s how we’re different.

We treat our customers as partners with a relationship built on trust, transparency and integrity. Right from the start we work to ensure that our customers understand what we are going to deliver and when.

While our software and business model take advantage of the latest innovations in development and delivery, Aviso has a strong focus on customer service – namely, to deliver on our promises and to be a true partner to our customers.

Unlike other vendors, we aim to make our customers self-sufficient. The flexible nature of our product – and business model – means that customers use us because they want to, rather than because they have to. At the same time, we are there to work side by side with them to help them get the most out of Novate, should they need us to.

Welcome to the family

With over 25 years’ experience in the payments industry enabling over 30 acquiring banks and 45,000 merchants to process more than 750 million transactions annually, we look forward to welcoming you to our family of satisfied customers.

Integration into your system

Novate has been designed in such a way that integration with existing payment systems is as straight forward as possible. We know that every system is unique, and so we develop a unique implementation plan for every installation of the product, to ensure it fits with each customer’s particular needs.

We have a well-defined delivery process which provides an open view of progress to our customers. We are proud of our proven ability to deliver “on time, on budget” with no surprises, well, no unpleasant surprises!

We rely on our customers to understand their business and help us to realise their project. They rely on us to be ethical, honest, efficient and totally committed to the success of the project.

At the outset we focus on understanding and documenting your needs in a specification on which you sign off and we provide a final estimate. We also make clear who will do what, that is, what we will do and what we expect from you.

Our aim is no surprises

As we progress with the project we will provide you with regular updates from our project manager and meet with you to discuss progress and resolve any issues. You will know how we are doing against the schedule and, if it is a T&M project, against costs.

At each step we will work with you to ensure that you are able to progress from implementation to live operation quickly and efficiently.

Robust test harness allows for a fast, low-risk implementation

When we deliver, the system will have been extensively tested using our integrated test harness, so that when we deploy the system on your site you can begin your own acceptance and certification testing. We work to the highest quality standards, but should there be any errors in the software we will resolve them swiftly, just as we would support a production system.

Finally, should your requirements change, we operate in a flexible manner, anticipating the need to incorporate the change into the project. We will work with you to re-plan, with the objective of helping you meet your critical dates.

We are a dependable partner who will work with you all the way to help realise your payment system requirements, quickly, cost effectively and as painlessly as possible!

Keeping things running smoothly

Payment systems have become the lifeblood of many organisations, providing the all important revenue stream. Our support staff understand how dependent our customers are on their payment systems and, our entire business is structured to ensure that the systems are 100% available.

Our maintenance process provides compatibility with payment network and industry mandates to allow our customers to comply with the mandates in a timely manner, at a significantly reduced cost.

Further, we provide compatibility with new versions of the operating system and database so that you will not be out of maintenance with any third party software.

Our maintenance releases are annual with fix releases provided at six monthly intervals. The flexible Novate architecture means that new releases will not introduce conflicts with your existing software and customisations, making a version upgrade a simple process to deploy and reducing the cost of remaining on a current version.

We put you in control

While we provide full support to all customers, we are not reliant on the professional services fees from which so many vendors come to derive big profits.

We try to help our customers to become self-sufficient should they so wish. This avoids vendor lock-in, removing the cost and availability problems that arise from using products that require the vendor’s support to change.

Product Roadmap

At Aviso we have many years of payment systems experience, but we recognise that our customers have more.

Our product roadmap process allows customers to provide input to how they would like the product to develop into the future.

This has two benefits, namely, we develop the software that our customers need and we are able to reduce the customisations that our customers require.